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Workshops and Lectures

New for 2016

                                   History of fabric textiles.
Travel 10,000 years with me in a 45 minute lecture.    Did you know ancient man was decorating fabric 10,000 years ago.  Fabric dyeing began 5000 years ago and modern man still uses the same techniques.  Humans discovered weaving 5000 years ago.  2,000  years ago the fabrics were as smooth as they are today.  Prior to the silk trade routes man used textiles as coin.  As early as the 1600's in the USA families were taxed in wool cloth.
Learn the differences  between natural and chemical fibers.

Turn a photograph into a quilt pattern.        6-8 hr class

I will introduce several methods on the market right now to turn a photograph into a pattern.  You will discover one that you will become comfortable with and leave with several ideas  and how to start a quilt pattern.

The fabric art collage.                       4-6 hr class

Taking a photograph and turning it into a piece of art fabric.  Painting it.  Choosing colors to enhance your painting and mounting the background to complete a Piece of Art to be enjoyed at home.

I can't sew straight.  I can't paint.         6-8 hr class     

Now that you have taken those fabric art classes what do you do next.  The kit was bought and sits in drawer.  Where do I go from here. Introduction to many techniques and how to find them.  Learn how to incorporate letting on a quilt or make a kaleidoscope.

                              The 3D Art Photo                    4 hr. class
Learn how to take your favorite photo, print on fabric and turn it into a 3D piece of art.  Everyone will leave with a project mounted and ready to hang on the wall.

Technology and Quilting                              6-8 hrs

Learn how to use Photoshop Elements to make a quilt pattern.  See an overview of Photoshop Elements.  You will learn most of the techniques and tools needed in quilting. By the end of class you will become familiar with all the tools, manipulations and color properties needed to enhance your projects.  You need to have Elements loaded on your computer prior to class.  Not sure if you want to spend the money...find a partner and spend the day with them and watch. 

Trunk Shows available upon request

Contact the PhotoQuilter @  940-782-8593

Francine Miller