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Frequently Asked Questions

Printing on fabric

What is the best way to print on fabric?
I always hear:    "You must have a fancy camera or expensive printer."
But,  like all photographers I shoot 30 photos and save one. That is the one you see on the website.   If you love the photo...lighten it, crop it and enjoy it. 
You can always pay someone to make it perfect , but,  that costs lots of money. 
If you love the photo:  you will love it on fabric, on your phone or printed on paper just the way it is.
The printer I use as thephotoquilter is rather expensive.  But, it is not the quality of the printer but the quality of the fabric and ink.  Almost all printers today, have the quality for "best" printing.  You will have good luck with the photo fabric that we use.  It is the best on the market.   However,  if you need the photos cleaned-up a little and have a fear of printing, we will be happy to do that for you.  You can always call me:  francine miller  940-782-8593 and I can help.